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Put Your Feet Up This Weekend With The Fairways Restaurant

After a long hard week we all, in our own way, turn to our home comforts. Whether it’s a simple cup of tea and a digestive biscuit by the fire, or slaving away in the kitchen to create a perfect home cooked Sunday roast, we all love the classics.

But after a week at work, spending your last day off before the week starts again confined to the kitchen isn’t exactly a way to relax. Thanks to our fantastic Sunday lunch and carvery options here at Fairways, you can well and truly enjoy your weekend with nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the hard work of our superb team of chefs.

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Three Reasons to Spend an Evening at the Cellar Bar

One good thing to come out of us all tightening our belts in recent years has been a renewed appreciation for what there is to enjoy on our own doorsteps. We’ve come to appreciate that we can enjoy a weekend away without flying a million miles.

Nestled in the heart of the country, couched by Coventry and Birmingham, the Windmill Village hotel provides such a Launchpad to a weekend away that’s closer to home. The hotel is perfectly placed for visits to any of the surrounding attractions including the myriad shows and events to be found at the NEC throughout the year. Continue reading “Three Reasons to Spend an Evening at the Cellar Bar”

Enjoy a Long Weekend Away at the Windmill Village Hotel

Getting away from it all is something we’d all like to do. Escaping work, routine and the A45 is one of the most illustrious fantasies we have on a day to day basis, and too often the opportunity is there but we do nothing about it! Here at The Windmill Village, we have everything you need to achieve your perfect break away, along with the easiest ways to book, and loads to do! So why not do it, grab life by the horns, as they say, and escape reality for a few days, with the luxurious hotel rooms available here at Windmill! Continue reading “Enjoy a Long Weekend Away at the Windmill Village Hotel”

Make a Reservation Now With Our Online Booking System

The internet has changed the face of everything we do. From the way we listen to music, to the way we document the exploits of vivacious cats; the information highway has found a way to enrich almost every aspect of our lives. Here at Windmill Village, we want to make your experience with us as smooth and streamlined as possible, and so we’re proud to bring you our latest service, the ability to reserve your hotel rooms from the comfort of your living room! Continue reading “Make a Reservation Now With Our Online Booking System”

Improve Your Round with our Tailored Golf Lessons

With the sun on your back and a gentle breeze ruffling your t-shirt, you line up the putt on the 18th hole. With pressure mounting, you stroke the ball home to win the Company golf tournament, and with it, the adoring respect of your bosses and colleagues – at least that’s the dream. If you’ve ever found yourself coming up frustratingly short as the same old weaknesses creep into your golf game it could be that all you need are some minor pointers, and at The Windmill Village Hotel and Leisure Club, we can offer tailored golf lessons in Birmingham to ensure you get the best out of your irons. Continue reading “Improve Your Round with our Tailored Golf Lessons”

Why You Should Dine at the Cellar Bar

Picture the scene – you’re sat, pimms in hand, chatting with your close friends as you peruse through the cultured pages of a sensational menu. While this is only an image, it could quickly become a reality if you choose to dine with us here at the Cellar Bar; because while we boast fine views and an intimate environment for a relaxed eating out experience, it is our winning menu which sets us apart from our competitors. Continue reading “Why You Should Dine at the Cellar Bar”

Top Reasons to Visit Fairways Restaurant

When you’re going for a meal out, heading into town for a bit of a change or want something to do after taking in a show in Birmingham, a Fairways Restaurant should always be at the top of your list. Here at Fairways, we want to bring you the best in fine dining, in some of the most favourable locations around, with beautiful scenic views and food that you’ll absolutely love, as well as an elegant and professional service you’ll remember. For an experience in worldly tastes, flock to Fairways today! Continue reading “Top Reasons to Visit Fairways Restaurant”