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Improve Your Round with our Tailored Golf Lessons

With the sun on your back and a gentle breeze ruffling your t-shirt, you line up the putt on the 18th hole. With pressure mounting, you stroke the ball home to win the Company golf tournament, and with it, the adoring respect of your bosses and colleagues – at least that’s the dream. If you’ve ever found yourself coming up frustratingly short as the same old weaknesses creep into your golf game it could be that all you need are some minor pointers, and at The Windmill Village Hotel and Leisure Club, we can offer tailored golf lessons in Birmingham to ensure you get the best out of your irons. Continue reading “Improve Your Round with our Tailored Golf Lessons”

Why You Should Dine at the Cellar Bar

Picture the scene – you’re sat, pimms in hand, chatting with your close friends as you peruse through the cultured pages of a sensational menu. While this is only an image, it could quickly become a reality if you choose to dine with us here at the Cellar Bar; because while we boast fine views and an intimate environment for a relaxed eating out experience, it is our winning menu which sets us apart from our competitors. Continue reading “Why You Should Dine at the Cellar Bar”

Top Reasons to Visit Fairways Restaurant

When you’re going for a meal out, heading into town for a bit of a change or want something to do after taking in a show in Birmingham, a Fairways Restaurant should always be at the top of your list. Here at Fairways, we want to bring you the best in fine dining, in some of the most favourable locations around, with beautiful scenic views and food that you’ll absolutely love, as well as an elegant and professional service you’ll remember. For an experience in worldly tastes, flock to Fairways today! Continue reading “Top Reasons to Visit Fairways Restaurant”

A Wide Range of Wines Available at the Cellar Bar

When choosing a great venue for dining out, there are many things you will consider. Ambience, food quality and service are all high on the list, but at Cellar Bar we believe the wine is just as important, and as such we have one of the most extensive selections of any wine bar in Coventry. From fantastic accompaniments to meals to great times with friends, we have a wine for every occasion, so read on as we detail some of our favourites.

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What to Look for When Choosing the Right Conference Venue

Businesses rely on conference meetings to negotiate with prospective clients and discuss important development plans within the business infrastructure; and if your premises don’t accommodate meetings or you simply want to find conference venues Coventry which provide you with an attentive service then we at The Windmill Village believe that we can help. To aid you in your search for the right conference venue, we have listed all the traits we pride ourselves on, and subsequently feel are some of our biggest selling points. Continue reading “What to Look for When Choosing the Right Conference Venue”

Great Restaurant Ideas for Eating Out in Solihull

Placed within the stylish Windmill Village Hotel, Golf and Leisure Club, the Cellar Bar makes a great night out, either for drinks with friends or for a sit-down meal with that special someone. We have a great range of simple classics like our homemade burger, to fabulous dishes like our Cajun Salmon Linguini. However, we’re more than just a restaurant, and have a fantastic selection of gorgeous wines, cocktails and champagne. Continue reading “Great Restaurant Ideas for Eating Out in Solihull”

Looking to Eat Out in Coventry?

If you’re looking for a stylish and modern venue to go out for a meal with friends, family or that special someone, then look no further than the Fairways Restaurant. People are eating out less now than they used to and are far more discerning about where they choose to spend their money. Situated between Birmingham and Coventry, we pride ourselves on providing a fantastic dining experience every time. Continue reading “Looking to Eat Out in Coventry?”

Looking for a Conference Venue within the West Midlands?

If you’re looking for a conference venue within the West Midlands, then there’s no better choice than what we offer here at The Windmill Village as we provide the rooms, the committed staff and the attention to detail to ensure that your conference runs smoothly and leaves everybody in attendance high in spirits. Read on to find out just why we are one of the premier conference venues Birmingham and for all of the surrounding areas. Continue reading “Looking for a Conference Venue within the West Midlands?”