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Looking for the Perfect Location for Sunday Lunch?

If there’s one meal that everyone can agree on as being one of their favourites, it has to be a traditional Sunday lunch – as there is nothing better and more warming to have before Monday comes back round than a large meal that we know we are going to enjoy and can relax with among family or our closest friends. While it is always a tradition to cook and eat this meal at home, eating out can really add to the occasion, and we at Fairways Restaurant have everything in place to make it at truly special Sunday. Continue reading “Looking for the Perfect Location for Sunday Lunch?”

Need Ideas for Weekend Breaks in Birmingham?

Booking a weekend away in Birmingham? Then dive straight into the action and enjoy a thrilling time filled to the brim with culture, entertainment and laughter that your whole family will enjoy! There are many sights to behold in the vibrant city of Birmingham, but knowing the best places to visit can be difficult, especially when it’s your first time visiting a new location. To help you experience the best of Birmingham, we at The Windmill Village have devised a fun-packed guide overflowing with fun activities for your weekend breaks Birmingham. Continue reading “Need Ideas for Weekend Breaks in Birmingham?”

Wonderful Dishes to Enjoy at a Restaurant in Coventry

Take time out with a loved one and book a table at a fine restaurant Coventry, by visiting us here at Fairways Restaurant for a sensational meal that will revive your passion for food. We believe that our diverse menu will appeal to all palettes and supply the perfect dishes for the occasion. To find out what dishes you could be dipping your fork into, read on as we have discussed one of our favourite dishes below. Continue reading “Wonderful Dishes to Enjoy at a Restaurant in Coventry”

Looking for the Perfect Location Near Birmingham for Sunday Lunch?

Sunday lunch – it’s a favoured custom within Britain that many of us come to look forward to, and if you’re thinking of taking a break from cooking a delicious meal every Sunday for the family, then why not come and visit us here at the Cellar Bar? We have a fantastic lunch menu that will suit every taste, and with a grand selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, everyone, including you, can sit back and relax eating a Sunday lunch Birmingham while spending time with all of your friends, family and loved ones. Continue reading “Looking for the Perfect Location Near Birmingham for Sunday Lunch?”

First Class Luxury Hotel near Coventry

If the winter blues are leaving you feeling down, then perhaps it is time to treat yourself to a night or even a weekend away from home. A short stay in a luxurious hotel is sure to give your spirits a lift, but which one of the numerous hotels in Coventry should you choose for your break? You may not have visited us here at the Windmill Village before, but we are certain that once you have enjoyed a stay in our first class hotel, you will be tempting to return again and again. Continue reading “First Class Luxury Hotel near Coventry”

Where to Eat Out in Birmingham to Celebrate a Special Day

Your diary is no doubt full of a variety of birthdays, anniversaries and other big occasions which you will want to celebrate in style with your family and friends. If you are struggling with ideas of original ways to mark a special day, why not consider booking a table at Fairways Restaurant? An hour or two spent relaxing in the comfortable surroundings of our popular restaurant is sure to help make Fairways your new favourite place for eating out Birmingham in 2012.

A memorable meal is a perfect way to celebrate an important date, so as your next big occasion moves closer on the calendar, why not take a moment to read through the following examples from our menu? Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find the ideal dish to make an important day even more special. Continue reading “Where to Eat Out in Birmingham to Celebrate a Special Day”

Relaxing Bar to Suit Everyone’s Tastes

Sometimes, restaurants or bars can restrict guests in what they are hoping to get out of the experience, as they can definably be for drinking with friends, eating with a loved one or having a relaxed cup of coffee for lunch. However here at Cellar Bar inside the Windmill Village Hotel and with our sumptuous, traditional surroundings, our bar and adjoining restaurant can suit anyone’s tastes and give you whatever you are hoping for.

The Cellar Bar provides the best for all occasions, as our warm, comfortable restaurant can provide the intimate setting for a delicious evening meal with a menu that covers everything from mouth-watering steaks to health-conscious, but just-as-delicious salads. Not only are we suited to being the setting for a memorable night out, but are also perfect for a Sunday lunch with family or friends to give you a break from the heat of the kitchen and to treat everyone eating.

With so many restaurants, the experience ends once the plates are cleared away and the last drop is drunk Continue reading “Relaxing Bar to Suit Everyone’s Tastes”

Enjoy Spending Time at a Godiva Award Winning Hotel this New Year

Are you still asking yourself “what should I do this New Year to make it memorable?” If you are, then you’ve just answered your own question, as a stay at the Windmill Village Hotel will make sure that 2011 is waved off in style and that you welcome 2012 in the best spirits possible. There are many hotels in Birmingham to choose from, but we are unrivalled in providing all the excitement on the big night and then the comfort and relaxation the day after – resulting in the best of both worlds and the best for December 31st and January 1st.

Whatever you class as a great way to ring in the New Year, we have the facilities and surroundings to cater to those wanting a night packed full exciting memories or a New Year’s Eve sat relaxing and reminiscing about those created in the 365 days that have just passed. Being situated within easy reach of not only Birmingham but also Coventry and Solihull, there’s nothing stopping you and whoever you’re staying with (be it your family or partner) from heading out to one of the many New Year’s nights that will be taking place across the area. Alternatively, you could have a more relaxed evening in a nearby restaurant Birmingham where you can clink your glasses to another great year. Continue reading “Enjoy Spending Time at a Godiva Award Winning Hotel this New Year”