Fun Places for Eating Out in Birmingham - Windmill Village Hotel

Fun Places for Eating Out in Birmingham

With the smell of a bacon sandwich drifting through the office air at lunchtime, many people’s thoughts will turn to what they’re going to eat that evening. Chances are the thought of getting home after eight hours plus at work, finding the right ingredients and clattering the pots and pans around the kitchen as you attempt to cook up something both filling and nutritional will seem less than appealing. So why go through the hassle, why not treat yourself and your loved ones by eating out at our relaxed and homely Cellar Bar restaurant?

That perfect restaurant is somewhere which from the moment you walk in from the cold grabs all your senses – from the smell of the glorious food coming from the kitchen, to the sights of the dining area and food, whilst not coming across as being too stuffy. Here at Cellar Bar, we feel that we’ve got the balance just right.

We don’t just provide delicious food which will tickle your taste-buds and get your juices flowing as you anticipate each tender mouthful. The food our chefs lovingly prepare includes types of homemade dishes we remember fondly from our childhood, such as homemade steak pie with chunky chips, followed by bread and butter pudding with custard.

Along with the homemade food and the homely atmosphere which includes television screens to entertain you, when the neighbouring golf course is empty why not enjoy the views from the snug and cosy sofas. We’re also perfectly situated within one of the area’s best hotels should you not fancy the drive home afterwards.

Unlike a lot of the restaurants in the nearby towns, here at the Cellar Bar we believe that eating out should be an experience you can take your time over, which is why we provide you with the food, drink and relaxed atmosphere for as long as you want to stay.