A First Class Restaurant in Birmingham with a Diverse Menu - Windmill Village Hotel

A First Class Restaurant in Birmingham with a Diverse Menu

For most of us there are certain restaurants, coffee houses or even supermarket cafes to which we return to time and time again. It might be a certain dish or the feeling of security and familiarity that we like, but something brings us back to such places time and again. Here at Fairways Restaurant, we represent a familiar venue for many diners across the Midlands due, quite simply, to the fabulous and personal service that we endeavour to provide to each and every one of our guests. And while your own tried and tested establishments will always attract you, why not try our restaurant Birmingham soon instead – especially if a special occasion has presented itself for which you want to do something different and exciting.

As well as the quality of our service, we believe that our exquisitely varied menu draws guests to us here at Fairways. With the help of our experienced chef and the rest of the catering team, we can offer world class dining in the heart of England.

One your first visit, you might find yourself treated to roast breast of chicken with dauphinoise potatoes and a roast red pepper coulis, whilst a return meal could consist of perfectly pan seared sea bream served on a saffron vegetable broth. With every visit you could have something different – only our excellent service, friendly surroundings and incomparable culinary quality will remain the same.

Of course as the year progresses, we’ll be updating our menu regularly. For example different vegetables, ingredients and dishes come into season at different times so we encourage all of our guests to check by often, either in person or via this website.

For more information about our beautiful restaurant Birmingham, which is situated within the picturesque Windmill Village hotel, please get in touch with our team either over the phone or on the Contact Us page of our website. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or make a reservation for you.