Looking for the Perfect Location for Sunday Lunch? - Windmill Village Hotel

Looking for the Perfect Location for Sunday Lunch?

If there’s one meal that everyone can agree on as being one of their favourites, it has to be a traditional Sunday lunch – as there is nothing better and more warming to have before Monday comes back round than a large meal that we know we are going to enjoy and can relax with among family or our closest friends. While it is always a tradition to cook and eat this meal at home, eating out can really add to the occasion, and we at Fairways Restaurant have everything in place to make it at truly special Sunday.

With a variety of menu options for our Sunday lunch, which includes several carvery options, there will be something for everyone so that all dietary requirements of your group are met – presenting you with food that will surpass every expectation and leave you ready to take on the week ahead (but maybe after letting it all go down first).

We believe what we have here at Fairways Restaurant makes us the perfect location for Sunday lunch not only because of a varied menu, but because this menu has been put together by a world renowned chef who will take the burden of cooking off someone’s shoulders for the day and produce some of the best food you have ever tasted. This chef is Mick Lennon, who among other notable roles has been personal chef for King Hussein of Jordan and has worked in Australia, Mauritius and Germany to name a few, and will fuse all of this experience into the perfect humble Sunday lunch.

Located within one of the best hotels in Coventry – The Windmill Village, your party will also benefit from luxurious surroundings that are situated ideally between Birmingham and Coventry, so we are easy to reach and return home from. If you are looking to make the most of a special occasion, or simply try something different, book your Sunday lunch with us today.