A Wide Range of Wines Available at the Cellar Bar - Windmill Village Hotel

A Wide Range of Wines Available at the Cellar Bar

When choosing a great venue for dining out, there are many things you will consider. Ambience, food quality and service are all high on the list, but at Cellar Bar we believe the wine is just as important, and as such we have one of the most extensive selections of any wine bar in Coventry. From fantastic accompaniments to meals to great times with friends, we have a wine for every occasion, so read on as we detail some of our favourites.

Vidal Reisling

Originating from New Zealand, Vidal has been producing wine since 1905 having been founded by Spaniard Anthony Joseph Vidal. Vidal Reisling is a magnificent offering from this Antipodean producer, and it has won awards for its combination of intense citrus and lime flavours with floral and lime aromas. It delivers a gorgeous drinking experience of complexity and zest which is perfect for summer.

Macon Villages Beauvemont

This terrific wine comes from the Maconnais area of southern Burgundy which specialise in the dry Chardonnay grape variety of white wines. Lightly floral with a warm hint of citrus fruits, this Macon Village offering is one of our favourite Chardonnays.

Asti Spumante

For a touch of class in your glass, this sparkling white Italian wine originates from south eastern Piedmont, specifically the towns of Asti and Alba. Produced from the Moscato Bianco grape, the Asti Aspumante is sweet and low in alcohol, and perfect for having with a dessert.

These are just three wines that we think you’ll really like, but we have dozens more that are suitable for every special occasion. We pride ourselves on being wine connoisseurs, and we look forward to sharing in this passion with you when you visit us here at the Cellar Bar.

You can view our wine list by visiting the ‘Menu & Offers’ section on our website, but if you’d like to know more about a night out at the Cellar Bar, you can drop us a line on 02476 404 040.