Why You Should Dine at the Cellar Bar - Windmill Village Hotel

Why You Should Dine at the Cellar Bar

Picture the scene – you’re sat, pimms in hand, chatting with your close friends as you peruse through the cultured pages of a sensational menu. While this is only an image, it could quickly become a reality if you choose to dine with us here at the Cellar Bar; because while we boast fine views and an intimate environment for a relaxed eating out experience, it is our winning menu which sets us apart from our competitors.

Summer is upon us, and while the weather may not be playing along it still shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your free time, and indulging in fine foods and fruity cocktails. This is all made possible when you come to the Cellar Bar; and to give you an exciting glimpse into the menu we are currently running, we have listed a few of our personal favourites below.

Brunch Menu

If you’ve decided to head out for a mid-morning snack, we can accommodate by offering you a breakfast sandwich or bap filled with grilled back bacon. If this doesn’t tickle your tastes buds, then maybe the pork and leek sausage will tempt you into an early lunch – the leek adds a different level of taste to the scrumptious pork sausage.

Lunch Menu

If you fancy something a little bit heartier then don’t panic because we have delectable selection of baguettes and salad dishes on our menu which are sure to fill a gaping hole. Our favourite is the Classic Windmill Club, which is jammed-packed with chicken, bacon, tomato, avocado mayo and lettuce served on toasted bread. If this doesn’t get you salivating at the very thought, pop in and see the other sandwiches, baguettes and salad options available.

Fine Dining

With brunch and lunch dishes available, you could be forgiven for thinking that’s all the food we do; but no, we also offer starters, mains and deserts for the ultimate dining experience. To check out the dishes currently on our menu go to our website to see for yourself the menu we have on offer.

So what are you waiting for? Come in and see us today!