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Make a Reservation Now With Our Online Booking System

The internet has changed the face of everything we do. From the way we listen to music, to the way we document the exploits of vivacious cats; the information highway has found a way to enrich almost every aspect of our lives. Here at Windmill Village, we want to make your experience with us as smooth and streamlined as possible, and so we’re proud to bring you our latest service, the ability to reserve your hotel rooms from the comfort of your living room!

Our system takes away the hassle that can occasionally come coupled with the booking of hotel rooms, with an easy to use, accessible online alternative. This means that whatever hour of the day, or night, whether you’re lounging in your living room, or on the laptop in the garden, we have a solution that allows you to book a room with us!

With an interface designed to give you complete transparency, at a glance you can overview availability and see which days you can book, and which days are full. Simply selecting your arrival and departure dates, as well as the amount of rooms and how many adults and children are staying and you’ll be given a comprehensive list of all the options available to you – easy!

Here at Windmill Village, we’re dedicated to making sure your stay is comfortable, fun and relaxing, with luxury accommodation, a nearby golf and leisure club, fine dining and team of friendly, informative assistants waiting on your call.

We’re in a beautiful location, steeped in history and ideally situated near the NEC in the Solihull area. So whether you’re heading toward a business meeting, or you wish to rent out one of our conference rooms for a business meeting here, we can accommodate.

With Birmingham city centre also nearby, you’re moments away from all the amenities you could possibly require, as well as a huge array of shopping opportunities, things to do and sights to see.

So whatever you need one of our luxury rooms for, click through to our website today and, from the comfort of your armchair, reserve your room!