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We are forever reading about how important it is to have a stable diet, to eat the right foods etc. In-fact one of Britain’s most loved authors Virginia Woolf once said of the importance of food “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Here at Fairways Restaurant, we certainly agree with Ms Woolf, which is why we have a superb selection of excellent, fresh dishes at our restaurant Birmingham to get the taste buds tingling, the juices flowing and the stomach growling.

Whatever type of food you fancy, from fine dining with an extensive choice of wines  and champagnes at the Regency Restaurant through to bar and grill food at Houston’s Bar and Grill or the Cellar Bar, with us you’ll find just the thing to sooth your appetite and treat your senses. For those who have spent their Sunday out at one of the nearby attractions, we also have an excellent Sunday lunch menu which includes a range of carvery options.

Our kitchen creates succulent dishes which tickle all senses. The smell of roast chicken with dauphinoise potatoes wafting through the air mixes with the sweet smell of a cooling white chocolate and raspberry tart and is bound to get your nostrils twitching and your stomach rumbling. Our pan fried seam bream, finished with fish bisque will make your eyes bulge in delight – especially when lovingly prepared by our well travelled and well respected head chef.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to tell you how good the food we have available in our range of restaurant Birmingham is – words honestly cannot do justice to the masterpieces that our team of skilful chefs create in the kitchen. We believe the only way to find out how good our food and drink is, is to come and pay us a visit.

Sunday Lunch Restaurant Birmingham

Having a Sunday lunch means something different to each and every one of us. Perhaps it reminds you of your childhood, and cosy winter Sundays spent with grandparents, aunts and uncles or even the entire family. Maybe you’ve just begun your own family and want to settle into the wholesome routine of eating together at the end of the week. Here at Fairways Restaurant we aim to preserve the traditional values of Sunday lunch whilst enlivening historic dishes with new and exquisite cuisine from around the world. Centrally located, we welcome families, couples and tourists to our restaurant Birmingham.

Roast beef is of course the dish most associated with this family orientated meal. Here at Fairways, we’ve refined our menu so that it offers contemporary twists on such time honoured classics. For example, our menu includes a succulent shin of slow cooked beef served with parsnip mash potatoes and enlivened with the aromatic flavours of celeriac puree, roast red onion and red wine jus.

Bringing the family to our restaurant can greatly broaden their horizons, giving them a chance to sample something new whilst retaining the opportunity to spend time together discussing the week gone by and those days ahead. We’ve created a friendly and pleasant atmosphere because we believe that nothing should detract your attention from the dishes on offer.

Arguably however, where Fairways Restaurant really excels is in providing a luxurious dining experience for couples on weekend breaks. That’s because we’re tactful and sensitive to each customers’ needs and are fully open to any special requests you may have during your meal.

Overall the down to earth team here at Fairways is dedicated to bringing the Sunday lunch into the 21st century for everyone to enjoy. For more information regarding our restaurant Birmingham or for details concerning local accommodation please browse our website.

Fine Dining Restaurant in Birmingham

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with a loved one, seal that all important business deal or tuck into a Sunday carvery with your family and friends, treating your taste buds to food fit for a King is something we all dream about. Here at Fairways we share that dream, so we’ve secured the services of Mick Lennon, the former chef of King Hussein of Jordan, to create exciting fine dining food that gets your taste-buds tingling every time you visit our restaurant Birmingham.

At Fairways, we offer a diverse menu which takes into consideration ingredients which are in season at the time of cooking. Everything that comes out of our kitchen is cooked to nothing less than perfection by Mr Lennon and his team. Our menu, which includes the mouth-watering ‘Fresh Atlantic Crab bound in Champ Mayonnaise with Parmesan Shortbread’ and ‘Dark Chocolate and Orange Fondant served with Orange Granita and Mint syrup’, takes fine-dining to another level.

But we don’t just pull out all the stops with the food; we understand that the view and whole experience of the meal is equally important to fine dining. That’s why every seat in our restaurant offers a superb view of the West Midlands countryside, and the large windows we have mean the natural lighting whatever time of day and year will make for a unique experience, each and every time. Can you think of a better way to end Weekend Breaks?

We don’t want you to just take our word for it though, and we’d you to taste the delights of Fairways for yourself. Because we care about the experience you have whilst with us, our staff do everything they can to make sure that your meal isn’t spoilt. So if you’re after fantastic food and service which cannot be missed, why not book a table at our restaurant Birmingham today.

Birmingham Restaurant Reviews

When dining out in aid of a specific occasion, good food alone is often simply not enough. Particularly if you wish to make the meal a real event to remember, you may require a little something more than what standard restaurants offer, to make your experience that extra bit special. Here at the Fairways Restaurant, we infuse excellent quality food with stunning views to bring you a truly magnificent dining experience. Perfect for an intimate dinner, or the gathering of friends and family, our restaurant Birmingham can provide the facilities you need to create a highly enjoyable atmosphere accompanied by an array of delicious dishes.

With its fine traditional interior, the Fairways Restaurant offers a perfect retreat after a tiresome game of golf, or relaxing meal following a serene day in the Windmill Village, within which our restaurant is based. Our large restaurant overlooks the stunning 18 hole golf course via beautifully positioned windows, which allow natural light to flood into the restaurant during the day, and the moonlight to fill it with serenity at night. Set within flourishing surrounding countryside, such a view perfectly complements the outstanding quality of food, which will be served to you promptly and efficiently by our polite and friendly staff.

Set within the authentic and grand Windmill Village, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a top class restaurant, nestled within the luxurious grounds of one of Birmingham’s leading hotels. Based in an easily accessible location, we provide the ideal location for meetings between people of all descriptions for a pleasant and highly enjoyable meal.

Our renowned chef is able to cook all of the featured dishes on the menu to an exceptional standard, and the cuisine simply must be tasted. For cooking which can’t be missed, book a table at our restaurant Birmingham today by giving one of our friendly team a call.

Birmingham Restaurant Offers

When you have time to spare on an evening or weekend, or indeed any time of the day it can be difficult to think of where to go. That’s why it’s useful to know about the different places available for food or drinks with friends or family. While it’s nice to visit a tried and tested restaurant Birmingham, there’s something exciting about trying out somewhere new – and the best bars and restaurants are those with a little character. At the Cellar Bar that’s exactly what you’ll find. We’ve created the perfect place in which to eat, drink and generally relax.

Nestled below the illustrious Windmill Hotel, a well established conference venue, this stylish bar oozes contemporary modernity which signifies a level of class more at home amongst the wine bars of the big city than the leafy outskirts of Coventry.

The venue fuses trendy interiors and delicious food with sweeping views across the hotel’s golf course and a level of service befitting of such a well respected establishment. But beside the homely decor and all round sophistication, here at the Cellar Bar we’re also proud of our selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks which can be viewed online.

Our website also contains details of the special offers available, and browsers can take advantage of some fantastic seasonal deals throughout the year to kick start their Cellar Bar experience. Make no mistake however; our customers don’t just consist of those looking to eat; we can also ensure that parties drinking the night away or friends coming for coffee and cake are equally as well looked after.

To put it simply, we aim to create an environment which suits you, rather than making you feel like you have to suit the environment. But don’t just take our word for it; the best way to hold us to our promises is to visit our restaurant Birmingham this summer.