A Restaurant in Birmingham with an Expert Chef - Windmill Village Hotel

A Restaurant in Birmingham with an Expert Chef

With an influx of celebrity chefs taking over our television screens; it is understandable that when you go out for a meal you’ll want something extraordinary, cooked by an expert chef who has prepared each dish on the menu. However, paying the prices that some “celebrity” chefs charge in their restaurants could leave you being able to afford to eat very little for the rest of the month. Here at Fairways, our restaurant Birmingham can provide you with a stunning meal, which has been lovingly created, tested and prepared by our well-travelled, well-respected and expert chef, and which won’t set you back a king’s ransom!

Our head-chef Mr Lennon may not be a name that you instantly recognise, but once you’ve tasted his food, you’ll be able to see why he is heavily sought after and why he is renowned within many circles in the cooking world.

It isn’t just us here at Fairways who think so highly of Mr Lennon. As a well travelled chef he’s cooked all over the world, taking in local customs, and was previously the personal chef to the King of Jordan. Now, the food that’s fit for a king is being created in our stunning restaurant, for everyone to enjoy.

The food that Mr Lennon creates doesn’t rely on any fancy gimmicks, instead, along with his experienced team of chefs, he creates dishes which tantalise and tease the taste-buds, whilst offering something different to the usual chain restaurants that pop up in every major town and city across the UK.

From starters which include confit duck terraine through to soup de jour, mains which range from shin of beef with celeriac puree and parsnip mash potato through to savoury bread and butter pudding, we’re sure to have dishes which will suit every pallet.

If you have a sweet tooth, our expert chef and his team can provide you with a range of deserts such as a white chocolate and raspberry tart which melts in the mouth through to a strawberry and champagne parfait. Whatever your reason for eating out, there’s always an excuse to enjoy the delights on offer at our stunning restaurant Birmingham.