A Top Restaurant in Birmingham - Windmill Village Hotel

A Top Restaurant in Birmingham

Being a top restaurant, here at Cellar Bar we understand the importance of great food and drinks, fantastic service, and stimulating company in achieving the perfect lunch or dining ambience. We pride ourselves on providing the best ingredients to ensure that your lunch or dinner is of the finest standard it can possibly be.

We are conveniently located between Coventry and Birmingham with a stunning view of an 18 holed golf course which is guaranteed to take your breath away. We ensure a relaxed and comfortable setting to forget all of your day’s stresses within. Our cosy environment has the warming ambience of home without any of the washing up!

An outstanding view is not the only attribute making us here at Cellar Bar one of the top restaurants in the Birmingham area. Our service is second to none and we provide a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to go with our delightful menu.  So whether you are lunching with a friend or booking for a romantic meal, we have the ideal menu to suit both your culinary and beverage predilection.

Our high standards are established through an extensive knowledge of drinks and food. We have a thorough understanding of the relationship between the two aspects of dining, and the complimentary effect they contribute towards one another.

Wines are a key example of this. Many restaurants do not comprehend the significant relationship between food and drink and therefore cannot offer expert advice. For instance our outstanding Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc is a lovely and refreshing wine filled with notes of melon, mango and peach. We personally recommend this wine for our Cajun salmon linguini dish or the butternut squash risotto as the wine enhances the delicate flavours woven into each.

Our status as a top restaurant to attend is not down to our impressive selection and knowledge of wine alone. We also have a fun and exuberating selection of cocktails and fine champagnes to suit any occasion. If you want a relaxing dinner or lunch then Cellar Bar is ideal for you. Our experienced and quality service quickly removes the heavy stresses of your day, so you can simply enjoy yourself.